Triveni Teachers Training College, Manoharpur, Shahpura Jaipur
Co-curricular Activity

Co-curricular Activity

All the activities of the programme are managed by the student teachers. Various inter house competitions are also organized at the college level for the student teachers to foster sense of competitions among them. The important programme / day celebrated at college level are:-

  1. Independence Day Celebration
  2. Republic day Celebration
  3. Diwali
  4. Lohri
  5. Women`s Day Celebration
  6. Science quiz competition
  7. Inter House Speech & Poetry Competition
  8. Aids Day
  9. Environment Day Wild Life Week Science Day
  10. Inter House Debate & Extempore
  11. Poster Making, Ranglii , Teaching aids
  12. Transparences Competition
  13. Chalk Board Writing Competition
  14. Pot Decoration
  15. Drawing & Painting
  16. Mantrocharan & Shalok Pratiyogita

Along with all the competitions regular, morning assembly is also organized. Through morning assembly the institution tries its best to inculcate the moral & spiritual values among the student teachers.
It is compulsory for every student teacher to participate in the morning assembly and to perform any activity according to her interest. The morning assembly activities include Gayatri Mantra,  Saraswati Vandana, and Prayer, Patriotic / religious songs and national anthem. All these activities are included to foster some moral, social, spiritual & national values among the student teachers.
Besides all this student teachers are encouraged to participate in the various competitions & workshops etc. held at other colleges, where our student teachers got remarkable achievements.Some other activities organized for their personality development are community participation, games & sports, work experiences, classroom seminar, extension lectures etc.